‘Why don’t males unfollow or keep their eyes open while driving or watching TV?’ Anoushey defends Esra in the face of trolling

Anoushey Abbasi, a VJ and actor, took to her Instagram stories to express her outrage over Pakistani fans’ online harassment of Turkish actress Esra Bilgic over her recent Victoria’s Secret commercial.

Men should either unfollow the Sehra Mein Safar diva or focus on other things, the Sehra Mein Safar diva stated.

Esra Bilgic alias Haleema Sultan, a Turkish actress and model well-known in Pakistan for her role in the drama serial Diriliş: Erturul’s, was recently featured in Victoria’s Secret’s Turkish promotional campaign. Victoria’s Secret is well-known for its lingerie line.

Esra published the video on Instagram, and Pakistanis went into a collective meltdown in response to her post.

Esra has, however, been mocked previously by Pakistani social media users. Esra Bilgiç attacked a troll who begged her not to wear “such outfits” in September 2020, after months of being patient and forgiving Pakistani fans for their comments on her clothing choices.

“Please don’t wear such gowns Halima baji; they’re not good,” a social media user named Astounding Ali said beneath her Instagram image. In response to his remark, Bilgiç stated, “Permit me to offer you some advice: Do not follow me. Many thanks.”

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