What Are The Risks Of Excessive Screen Time And How Can They Be Avoided?

We live in an era when technology has transformed our lives and made them more accessible. It has enabled millions of people to communicate instantly. Our generation is the first to use this expanding technology, and most of us are unaware of the downsides. The instruments that can aid your child’s mental development can be lethal if they are not appropriately handled. Excess of everything is terrible, and technology can be particularly deadly in this case. Numerous severe medical disorders may develop due to excessive screen time, which may require the assistance of therapists in the long term. Your television, mobile device, computer, or game console all have screens. Whatever the source, it is hazardous to your health and the health of others around you.

Numerous physical and mental health problems might occur due to excessive screening, and other similar conditions may accompany these difficulties. Not only that, these electronic devices release harmless radiations, but when exposed to them for an extended period, they can be dangerous as well. Blue light emitted by screens is detrimental to your eyes and mental health. Here are some physical and mental health concerns that might arise as a result of excessive screen time:

Mental health repercussions

Stress, sadness, sleeplessness, and behavioral changes are all common side effects of excessive screen usage. While spending most of our time exposed to hazardous blue light from our displays may appear to have little influence on our mental health, there are some adverse side effects. These issues may begin with a mild headache, but they can develop into chronic stress if ignored. Its symptoms include a throbbing headache, eye strain, and exhaustion. If the exposure is extended or continuous, it may hurt your productivity and memory. Sleep deprivation or disruptions in sleeping patterns can result in other problems such as unsettled digestion, physical fatigue, and changes in emotional behavior. Stress can alter one’s conduct, making one more aggressive and impatient.

Physical health consequences

Over-screening has a variety of adverse effects on your physical health. Sitting for extended periods in one position can result in back pain, shoulder muscle pain, and neck ache. When utilizing handheld gadgets, finger muscles can become strained, resulting in pain, edema, and stiffness. It physically exhausts you to the point that you may begin to avoid your physical training sessions. It may impair the growth of muscles and mental capacities in youngsters. They may develop into weaker and more lethargic children.

Additionally, grownups will. Reduced physical activity results in obesity, which is associated with various diseases. The consequences of excessive screening affect people of all ages. If you’re a parent, we recommend that you utilize apps like Mspy to monitor your child’s device habits and set screen time limits.


It’s impossible to keep your children and yourself away from technology as it is a requirement. Therefore, please use it cautiously and plan your time on the gadgets. Children under the age of eight should have no more than two hours of screen use every day. It is preferable to maintain a healthy level of physical activity. Numerous devices include a Night mode that dims the blue light.

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