Unforgettably lofty, Afsaneh has launched its stunning new winter collection Vol. II & Pret.

Afsaneh’swinter unstitched collection “Namal” is all about refreshing your closet. Winter dresses are used for affirmation against the particularly crisp atmosphere of season. Afsaneh is the master on style for the latest examples of must-have styles.Express Your Creative Style with Unique Apparel designed by our artists.Our products are beautifully crafted on Khaddar and Satin alongwith dupattas and shawls that have increased their enchantress and vision of the outfit as whole. This palatable and lush collectionwill definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Its graceful shimmer and mesmerizing flow gives even the simplest of dresses a touch of glamor.These are the desirable looks that every woman will prefer with time honored.From rich embroideries and stunning prints, our collection is a statement in itself, on occasion hearty in its vibe. 

Pret This festive season Afsaneh presents charming Luxury Pret; offering a wide range of formals and semi formals created on Velvet,Organza, Raw silk and Khaddar making sure you look your best. 

Wait for what?  Go hurry up and buy your desired articles.

Available in stores and online at https://www.afsaneh.pk

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