Travel blogger Rosie Gabrielle grasps Islam after visit to Pakistan

Travel blogger Rosie Gabrielle, who visited Pakistan in December and went to numerous zones of the country, reported she had changed over to Islam on Thursday.

The independent voyager, who has visited different Muslim nations around the globe on a bicycle, shared her encounters that carried her near Islam.

“This last year was one of the hardest in my life, and every one of life’s difficulties have driven me to this point at this very moment. From a little youngster, I’ve generally had an interesting association with creation and extraordinary relationship to God. My way was a long way from simple and I conveyed a great deal of outrage in my heart from a lifetime of torment, continually asking God, why me? Until at last arriving at the resolution that all is intended to be, and even my enduring is a blessing,” she wrote in the inscription of her photograph where she can be seen holding a duplicate of the Holy Quran.

Gabrielle said she revoked her religion four years back as she “never resounded with what I was raised with”. The traveller said she went down a way of self-disclosure after which her interest and association just became more grounded.

“Presently never again directed by dread, I had the option to completely investigate this equitable way,” she composed.

Depicting her compelling impulse to be free, Gabrielle expressed, “As time passed, the more I encountered, the more I saw the genuine nature and requiring my life. I needed to be free. Liberated from the agony and shackles that was hellfire. Freedom from the annoyance, hurt and misalignment. I needed harmony in my heart, absolution and the most significant association with all. Also, consequently began my adventure”.

Gabrielle attributed her excursion to Pakistan for demonstrating her the best approach to Islam.

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