Top Pakistani Brands Wedding collections

As times goes by and the trends changes, many color plans, designers and brands are setting their foot in the marriage dressmaking industry. Weddings, being the most significant day of a young lady’s life is known to be now and again tumultuous and unpleasant for the lady of the hour to-be with regards to choosing her wedding dress.

There are numerous splendid and professional designers and brands that have been doing business for over 10 years and are exceeding expectations at their handwork with sheer perfection to furnish you with the dress you had always wanted in moderate costs. The market rivalry is getting energized step by step as new skilled fashioners and brands bounce in the business. To loan you some assistance, here’s a rundown of top 5 marriage wear creators in Pakistan that can assist you with the dress you had always wanted.

1. HSY


A definitive marriage couture master and incredibly famous fashion designer Hassan Sherhyar Yaseen, generally called HSY is the exemplification of advanced patterns imbued with culture. He is the greatest South Asian fashion designer that represents considerable authority in the most mind boggling wedding structures and lively shading schemes. The fashion designer has set his standard in the wedding couture industry.

 2. Deepak Parwani

The absolute first of his name and trickling with most extreme imagination, Deepak Perwani is the fashion designer of the century that makes the most polish marriage with such lovely palette that will make you nibble your finger in amazement. From dim tones to peachy tints, Deepak Perwani has it all in his wedding gathering that will make you stand apart on your enormous day.


Maria B is a renowned Pakistani brand which was founded by Maria butt. Maria B is currently the name of style, complex designing and extreme extravagance. The fashioner accumulation is currently made out of a few first class pret lines, easy going and wedding dresses. Their wedding wear is known to be carefully made while remembering the patterns and traditional values in mind.


From intensely adorned lehengas, ghagras and all around creased sarees, Karma by Maheen Kardar is the marriage style name that puts stock in assorted variety with regards to making a big day artful culmination. The fashion designer is known for making some the best marriage design week pieces and can help you with getting the ideal dress for your fantasy or your biggest day of your life.

5. Bunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi came in the style forward couture not long after the exclusive class was seen wearing their pieces. The multi-skilled creator is known very well for her majestic and ethnic palette that is injected with current patterns in an exceptionally smooth manner. Her adoration for Mughal examples and weaving is the thing that sets her marriage gathering not quite the same as others.

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