The 7 coats you need for your nails this Autumn

As Summer slowly comes to an end and Autumn approaches, now is the perfect time to get some warm colour coats on your nails. Whatever style you’re rocking this fall we’ll make sure your nails look vibrant as you’re holding your hot pumpkin spice latte or painting the town. We’ve done our research and narrowed it down to 7 beautiful brands and handpicked stunning colours for you:

1. ESSIE GEL COUTURE – Maki me happy

Vibrantz cosmetics Nail Gel Polish in Pakistan

Essie has a passion for colour variety and care. We all know Essie is a classic and so is the colour red! Therefore (drum roll please) Maki me happy is our choice of Autumn, and one of their bestsellers! This nail polish colour will wrap around your finger in a charming way; with its glossy finish of a cheerful berry purple red. Make sure you apply a double coat for an intense colour stay and it will make every little smile turn into a big smile.

2. REVLON – Amethyst Smoke

Vibrantz cosmetics Nail Gel Polish in Pakistan

Revlon Super Lustrous™ Nail Enamel is now new and improved! Yes you read that right; they’ve upgraded the angled tip for a more precise brush stroke and infused Vitamin E into their formula for ultra-nourishing nails and a strong coated chip-resistant film – that’s a handful. We’ve gone for a little spooky sorceress-aesthetic being Amethyst Smoke. This smooth, flawless nail polish is a metallic colour with hints of purple, green, silver and shimmer. It’s guaranteed to make your nails look enchanting this fall.

3. VIBRANTZ – Gold Rush

Vibrantz cosmetics Nail Gel Polish in Pakistan

Vibrantz Cosmetics Nail Gel Polishes are 18 chemical free, cruelty free, halal & vegan British cosmetics brand, who has created a water-soluble gel nail polish formula and is breathable. It lasts up to 10 days and applying it is like an effortless at home manicure – sound too good to be true? It’s an innovation baby! – and we love it! Their decadent gold nail polish with serious shine, Gold rush, is our ultimate pick for a perfect Autumn day. Pair it with your favourite gold accessories for class and confidence to turn the perfect Autumn day into the perfect Autumn evening.

4. CHANEL – 735 Daydream

Vibrantz cosmetics Nail Gel Polish in Pakistan

Chanel’s LE VERNIS provides deep care quality to help strengthen and heal your nails over time. It has protective benefits and the formula contains carefully selected pigments for a smooth and even application. Their long-lasting nail polishes have shades for all seasons, but we went with a softer pink-nude as our fall pick. Chanel number 738 Daydream will have you feeling like you’re living the ultimate Autumn fantasy.

5. OPI – Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k

Vibrantz cosmetics Nail Gel Polish in Pakistan

OPI is proudly made in the USA and their 15ml bottles are commonly used in salons worldwide because of its long lasting 3 weeks of wear and unbeatable shine. With over 140+ most iconic shades, Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k is OPI’s shiny monster blue gel nail polish will have everyone swimming in wonder at your nails. It’s bold, it’s dazzling and it’s anything but basic. Be a legend and take the loch with you wherever you go this fall.

6. DIOR – 323 Dune

Vibrantz cosmetics Nail Gel Polish in Pakistan

Dior’s nail colour creations draw inspiration from the colour charts of their couture collections. Their formula has intense purity combined with a Techno-Polymer that’s as smooth and shiny as glass and creates a seamless bond between the nail and the enamel. They use enriched organic silicon that strengthens the nail surface for extra-long wear. We found 323 Dune, a sandy nude, a timeless basics, to be the perfect Summer-Autumn transition colour

7. SALLY HANSEN – Leaf me be

Vibrantz cosmetics Nail Gel Polish in Pakistan

Sally Hansen is the number 1 selling gel polish in the US and they claim to be the next best thing to a salon gel manicure – no UV lamp required – utterly amazing! Their life-proof polish is the ultimate chip-resistant nail polish, Mirage Gel™, is patented technology for longer wear. We’re obsessed with their pure Leaf me be green as our favourite fall colour. It’s simply earthy, organic and natural.

So what colour coat will you choose this Autumn ?


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