Sweet or Savory ?-

"pkfashiontime Sweet or Savory ?",

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So what’s it going to be  Sweet or Savory ? When choosing an exfoliator to remove dead skin- what should you choose.  

Did you now the Two of the most common scrubs are made from  staples form your very own pantry?—salt and sugar, each composed of natural grit. They can be formulated in a lab or in your very own kitchen, they can have healing properties and leave your skin soft, energized and glowing.

Sugar Scrubs

A popular and milder scrub is a must have in the Skin Care Routine. Much milder and  perfect for the face and any areas of sensitive skin in general.

It is a less abrasive form of exfoliation and if you are gentle should be very cleansing for your skin.

Salt Scrubs

A natural detoxifier and also for its grainy texture  and a bit more abrasive. Having sharp angles of sea salt granules make them a strong exfoliant.  It draws toxins out of the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory for sore muscles.  Salt Scrubs are best used for dryer areas of your body – feet, elbows, knuckles and legs.

Best recommended to use Salt Scrub once a week and not recommended for sensitive skin.

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