Pony Hairstyle

A pony tail doesn’t simply need to be a haircut you can wear to the gym. This adaptable updo can be worn anyplace from meeting your better half’s folks to that important job interview meet-up you’ve been planning throughout the previous not many days. One reason why we love pony tails so much is that they’re so natural to makeā€”it’s the ideal haircut for when you need to look set up together yet don’t have a lot of time to save. So, regardless of being basic, a pony tail haircut is still absolutely chic.

How to make a perfect ponytail?

Getting a perfect ponytail is actually quite difficult. Contemplate these tips whenever you need to pull your long hair or medium hair into a pony.

Step 1:  Determine Where You Want To Place Your Ponytail

First step is to make the ideal ponytail is placement. Where you choose to put your pony tail will decide how you ought to approach making your updo. High pony tails that are level with your sanctuaries or above can give your hair more bounce. Lower ponytails have less movement yet look smooth and modern.

Step 2:  Brush your hair perfectly

This may sound senseless, yet there is a right way to brush your hair with regards to making a pony tail haircut. If you want to keep fuzzy hair and want some light blow, brush your hair towards your ponytail.

Step 3:  Add Texture to your hair

Adding texture to your hair can make an increasingly voluminous look. All things considered, no one needs a level pony tail, correct? Splash a volumizing hair shower,onto your hair and use your fingers to muss your hair up a bit. If you want to create more texture in your hair, brush back your hair after spray on hairspray.


Flyaways can totally destroy your hair do. This hair hack may sound super-weird, yet it really works! Take a toothbrush (one that hasn’t been utilized, obviously) and spritz it with hair shower. Now use toothbrush to brush down and mild those pesky flyaways.

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