Pakistan TV show’s actress Ayeza Khan is celebrating her birthday.

Ayeza Khan shared beautiful moments of cutting her birthday cake with spouse Danish Taimur sitting alongside her. 

The on-screen actress Ayeza was born on 15 January, 1991. She has turned 29 today. Energized over her birthday, she made two or three drapery raiser kind of posts on social media.
One of her posts was subtitled, ‘Every flower blooms in it’s own time’ and another was ‘Surround yourself with those who make you happy.’
Ayeza started her career as an on-screen character at 18 years old, making her introduction with a supporting role in the drama Tum Jo Miley, that disclosed on Hum TV. After supporting roles in a few TV serials, she showed up as leading actress. She later settled herself as a main on-screen character in Pakistan with few roles in the TV dramas.

Pkfashiontime Team wishes you a beautiful day full of celebration and cheer. Happy Birthday Ayeza !

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