Muhammad Nadeem Bhatti

Muhammad Nadeem Bhatti is male designer and running his brand & business by the name of Figure with many outlets in Pakistan. Since last twenty years: Board of Director based company where he is director and chief executive his big brother Mr.Saleem Bhatti who is also a fashion genius. He has done a lot for fashion industry and dressed up many prime minister of Pakistan and chief justice of Pakistan and bureaucrats. Now they are as follow to wear a good dress by Figure.

Nadeem Bhatti Discuss with us his life and style casually. He offered his gratitude to fashion followers who always appreciate the fashion style and struggle. Followers like his designs very much. Every year he designs the things by having aim world class people but although weather vary in different countries.


  1.  How might you portray yourself in 5 words?

        Answer:   Passionate, Achiever, Hardworking, Forgiving, Caring.

  1.  What makes you happy and what panics you the most?

    Answer:  Always to help somebody and to keep in my factory the really needy people to run their home easily that   makes me happy, and when staff try to show their sluggishness and take off without reason that makes me unhappy.

  1.  Are you willing to work more for fashion industries?

   Answer:  Yes absolutely. I am making my research n Development centre more exclusive to give skilled lesson to unskilled.

  1.  What is your most noteworthy quality and weakness?

    Answer:   When ever somebody says that he is in a kind of problem I pick up my phone and try my level best to consult that concern person to resolve the matter in his favor, And my weakness is that I trust people very easily.

  1.  What kind of person do you like to have the most?

      Answer:   I like creativity and like to have friend and staff like that.

  1.  Tell us your upcoming projects and plans?

    Answer:  My project is to prepare clothing at minimum prices. Fashionable things for all walk of life people to maintain cottage industry in Pakistan.

  1. Who is your inspiration to come in this field?

      Answer:  My Elder Brother, Fashion tycoon, model and a genius personality in business and Fashion Mr.Saleem Bhatti.

  1. What exhortation do you want to give who wants to be like you?

      Answer:   Work and Hard work is the key of success if you are really interested to have a distinguished personality then you would have to work hard either it’s a day or night. Your time limit is unfinishable.

  1.  Which message do you would give to your followers?

      Answer:  My fans & followers always follow me, media is playing a vital role to impact them, My any weekly fashionable photo inspired them they follow and live happy. I would like to give my message please keep remember that you might have a lot of dresses but in this world a lot of people they might not be having a single shirt to cover their body. Every year keep giving from your old dresses to other needy people they will feel happy and will give life gratitude to you as a friend and will love to be your follower.

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