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Khalil ur Rehman maybe called Adnan Malik a ‘hijra’ and individuals are outraged!

One more day, another hate speech by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and this time he isn’t simply focusing on ladies. In a TV show, the writer proceeded to regurgitate hate speech against Adnan Malik and the remainder of the industry calling them hijras, a slur for transgenders in our general public.

A video is circling via social media where Khalil-ur – Rehman Qamar is seen proposing that on-screen character Adnan Malik, who played Khalil role in Sadqay Tumhare drama was a “hijra”.
While he didn’t make reference to name of Adnan Malik, he said that before casting, he tests each actor to ensure he isn’t a hijra, and that he got mixed up when he cast an actor in a show to depict his own self. Conversing with twitter, actress Ushna Shah expressed: “Here’s a thought: Gay or bisexual men who identify as male but have sexual preferences other than women are still considered MEN. A REAL man is one who has all the attributes of what a man should be. An incel coward can never be a real man.”
On-screen character Armeena Khan got out Rehman Qamar and stated: “Do you understand how little you are with regards to this world? Why for the pomposity at that point MAN?! Allah doesn’t care for egotism! He doesn’t care for anybody disparaging his creation. Shameful! We have people working tirelessly to eliminate transphobia from society. “Hijras” are some of the most marginalized, persecuted members of society. We are all Allah’s creations and he’s ridiculing HIS creation. I hope this abomination sees a swift downfall . Ameen.

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