Iznik brings to its women the social event of this season.

IZNIK spurred by epitome of gold for each merry occasion, Iznik brings to its women the social event of this season. Exemplifying the shades, the radiance and the slyness, this accumulation offers a collection of unusual cut work embroidery, adda work by our maestros and significant floral embroidery for every occasion.

Oppulent highlights the chiffon collection when can be wore when an enormous bit of the peppy occasions are dated for. It calls for cleaning up and setting up your most in vogue side before the world. This is the explanation we have curated this outstanding and mesmerizing collection that will consider all your style needs with an everlasting intrigue.


The bewildering trends close by the delicate embroideries and Hand Embellishments participated in these troupes together in great texture to pick it a perfect choice for extraordinary occasions.

Regarding this regal traditions, we present to you our luxurious pleasure ‘Opulent Chiffon Collection’. From fundamentally conventional Hand Embellishment and Embroideries – praising our rich culture with an enrapturing covering palette to vintage shone embroidery.

Pre-Booking Starts Now!

Most Demanding Luxury Chiffon Collection, synonymous with imaginative personality, setting new designs of cut work, adda work riches on a the country over scale is available online for pre-booking at www.iznikfashions.com and is launching the country over on 5th October 2019. For even more extra information and to get your most desired outfits, contact with us at our social pages

https://www.facebook.com/iznikfashion/ https://www.instagram.com/iznikfashion/

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