In Lahore, A Rickshaw Driver and His Partner Rape A Woman and Her Teenage Daughter

The Chung Police Department has filed a first information report (FIR) against a rickshaw driver and another suspect in connection with the gang rape of a mother and her adolescent daughter. The event occurred a day earlier on Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Avenue in Lahore.

According to her FIR, the 35-year-old woman and her 15-year-old daughter arrived in Lahore by bus from Vehari at about 10 p.m. on Sunday. They rode a rickshaw from the Thokar bus terminal to her sister’s house in Officers Colony, Saddar Cantonment Board.

According to the FIR, instead, the rickshaw driver and another man in the truck took her and her daughter to an abandoned place on LDA Avenue and raped them.

The mom and her daughter shrieked when they noticed the lights of a car stopped near the spot. The rickshaw driver and another suspect fled at this point, leaving their vehicle behind. She claimed that the suspects made off with her phone and Rs5,000 in cash.

Meanwhile, the woman stated, someone, contacted the police in response to her shouts. Shortly after that, police came on the scene. As stated in the FIR, she said that if the suspects were produced, she would identify them.

In a statement, Ghulam Mahmood Dogar, the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) of Lahore, stated that police initiated an inquiry and seized the men’s rickshaw. He said that teams had been formed to apprehend the culprits, and evidence had been gathered from the crime scene.

Additionally, he stated that the victims would be transported to a hospital for medical exams. Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar also demanded the CCPO’s report. He directed him to apprehend the suspects within 48 hours and do everything possible to bring the victims’ families justice.

On Monday, police arrested Umar Farooq, a rickshaw driver. According to sources familiar with the suspect’s criminal history, he was previously detained in two rape instances last and last year.

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