In 2022, Mahira Khan debuts bang and looks fantastic.


Mahira Khan is rarely seen experimenting with her appearance, particularly her haircut (at least shoulder length, center-parted, blow-dried). Unless it’s a photograph, she keeps it plain and minimal. Thus, it is significant when an actor pushes outside her comfort zone and attempts something novel.

Five weeks ago, Mahira shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing fringes and a cowboy hat. Thus, she returns with a boom – somewhat literally. And we are smitten.

“I went in for a haircut… and then I asked him to color my hair pink, and they all freaked out (I’m going to do it.. I’m going to do it)… and then after the trim, I went back and requested a fringe,” she added.

“I returned home and saw my mum gone — Ya Allah!”


Is it a result of being a two-time Covid survivor?” Are you experiencing a midlife crisis? God knows… all I know is that I never colored my hair throughout high school or college… not even a few piercings here and there. And this was pleasant. I was simply acting on a whim. Thus, I am newly omicron negative and madly life positive,” she continued.

We adore this design since it feels entirely appropriate for 2022. Though we are unsure about the pink hair, we wholeheartedly endorse her decision to preserve the fringes. Here’s another shot to help you decide on a hairstyle.


Do not be afraid to give them a try. Begin with a fringe that can be tucked behind your ears and avoid abrupt changes. Cheekbone-grazing bangs will allow you to become more comfortable with bangs before committing to anything shorter.

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