Honey, The Best Remedy For Skin

Honey is viewed as a perfect natural ingredient to get rid of skin dryness and there is something else entirely to this sweet kitchen ingredient.

Make Honey part of your magnificence beauty to get regular shine.

Uses of Honey:

  • Facial scrub:

Women with delicate or sensitive skin can set up a face veil made of honey, brown sugar, olive oil and lemon juice. It’s less rough, yet expels dead skin cells to uncover a smoother and more vibrant complexion.

  • Hair Removal:

 Mix honey and lemon squeeze and fill a sugaring wax that is safe to use on your body. This will remove hair and furthermore make your skin delicate.

  • Scars:

 To make the scars clear, apply raw honey on the affected areas before bed and cover with a wrap. In the morning, remove the cover-up and scrub the skin.

  • Shower treatment:

 Take shower with milk and honey. The alpha hydroxy acids in milk separates dry and flaky skin, while the proteins in honey softens skin.

  • Burn from the sun:

Honey mitigates burns from the sun. You simply need to dab on a little honey on skin.

  • Dry lips:

Mix honey, brown sugar and olive oil, and apply on your lips. This blend will moisturise chappy lips.

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