Hamza Ali Abbasi quitting showbiz industry

Most famous actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has reported to quit the showbiz industry, saying that his choice depends on 10-year long look into.

In a video that turned into a web sensation through social media, the actor said that he would spend an amazing remainder as per Islam.

“I will make movies and dramatizations to give the message of God,” he stated, including that there will be no “improper components” in them.

He also revealed that one reason he decided to do Alif was on the grounds that it spreads the message of God. He also clarified that acting isn’t haram (prohibited) in Islam and that he is leaving acting because he wants to spend his rest of life to just talk about God.
Hamza said he will continue making more videos and tending to the misguided judgments that are available in our society. ” “Oppose my videos or support them, but don’t question my intentions,” he stated, including that he has no concealed plan behind his choice.

On Oct 12, Hamza Ali Abbasi made a tweet for him saying that he would make a significant declaration toward the finish of this current month.

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