Green is the New Fashion Trend to Watch in 2022!

This season, green is the hue to maintain. The hit shade denotes a confident state of mind. This year, celebrities have been spotted sporting a variation of color. The colors can range from a blindingly brilliant inexperienced to a yellow-green or even a mint or limey-green if you’re not confident about pulling it off.

Sonya Hussyn is not afraid to embrace a new season trend. She began her year in a green gown and looks stunning in it.

Saba Qamar embraces the trend with anything from a jade green stylish organza shirt to a lime green skirt combined with a leather jacket while vacationing in Prague. Take some styling cues from the multi-talented diva.

Additionally, actress harem Farooq has been spotted in several shades of green. She donned a lime-green off-the-shoulder shirt with a beautiful golden belt, demonstrating how it’s done. The actress upped her style ante by complimenting her ensemble with emerald-studded hoops.

In this inexperienced mint pantsuit, Ayeza Khan is a vision. While her pantsuit is elegant, she completed her ensemble with the appropriate accessories—hair clips, which are trendy these days.

Sadaf Kanwal demonstrates a casual look by wearing a mint green T-shirt. It reads, “Converse with my agent.” Please, no photographs.”

We hope you dare to wear your green outfits and join the movement, rather than reserve them for special occasions like Mehndi or Independence Day.

The internet is currently fascinated with green. And it’s not just any green; it’s a pastel-colored, soothing, mellow mint/sage green that instantly lowers blood pressure and makes you forget about your to-do list for today. The fad began on Twitter when a user shared four mint green images that quickly went viral. After nearly 305,000 likes and 48,000 retweets, it’s reasonable to assume that the majority of Twitter agrees.

"pk fashion time", Green is the New Fashion Trend to Watch in 2022!

Why is this particular shade of green the internet’s current favorite? The solution is straightforward: it’s calming.

After the whirlwind that was 2020, and with 2021 appearing to follow suit thus far, what we all desire at the moment is something to help soothe us, keep us quiet, and elevate our spirits—even if only for a moment. This minty-green hue has stepped up to the plate. It gives us the impression that we’ve visited a spa for a luxurious massage and bubble bath, resulting in a massive wave of calm washing over us. Simply said, this is precisely the type of energy we require at the moment.

Some folks are nostalgic for their old seafoam green guitars and automobiles, while others are flaunting everything from their green nail designs to their kitchens, Vans, and even chicken coops. People’s enthusiasm for green has also prompted them to repaint their walls, create green hoodies, and even purchase green computer keyboards.

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However, this development should not come as a surprise. The internet is not the only source of green inspiration.

And if you’re wondering if going green is right for you, perhaps it’s all about mind over matter. “Some believe that green blends the mental aspects of blue with the physical elements of yellow, creating a harmony between body and mind,” Pivirotto continues.

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