Ghana discusses her struggle, involvement and voyage in film and TV industry

Ghana Ali is a Pakistani Film and TV entertainer, she began her career with “Ishqway” in 2015. She has been famous for her character in “Sungdil” in 2015. Ghana has likewise demonstrated her ability in Pakistani movies “Rangreza” and “Maan Jao Na”.

Ghana discusses her struggle, involvement and voyage in film and TV industry. She submissively expressed gratitude toward her viewers and fans for their affection and support.


1.   How might you portray yourself in 5 words?

Answer:  Compassionate, Dreamer , Ambitious, Forgiving, Loyal

2.  What makes you happy and what panics you the most?

Answer:  Being Around family makes me happy And sense of failure panics me most.

3.   Are you willing to work more in other movies?

Answer:  Yes, yes and yes absolutely.

4.   What is your most noteworthy quality and weakness?

Answer :   Noteworthy quality is that I don’t give up in any situation and Weakness is I trust people really quickly.

5.   What kind of characters do you like to act in the most?

Answer:   Anything which challenges the real me, in short the opposite of me people have this idea of me being modern and type cast me in it as a modern girl or whatever, what I love to do is complete opposite to my personality or may be different shades in one girl something which actually every real artist would dream to do. Because a real artist is more like, a girl/man with many faces.

6.   Tell us your upcoming projects and plans?

Answer :  I am doing two other films. They will be announced very soon and when I am doing in these part of films, I am doing dramas. These are my upcoming projects. And there are no further plans, ALLAH will give us whatever, we’ll take.

7.  Who is your inspiration to come in this field?

Answer:  Honestly speaking, I don’t know there was nobody my inspiration when I was coming to this industry. I just wanted to act. Being an actor was the only inspiration I had. And in terms of person or specific person, there is nobody I can say that was my inspiration. I love playing different things. I use to copy people a lot. I use to copy the way they talk, use to copy the way they give expressions that inspires me a lot. Because I use to enjoy. But yes, to people I really admire is Muhammad Qavi Khan because he is very humble person and the one is Nouman Ejaz for his originality. He is working no matter what people think and Allah gave him a lot. These are two people I really really admire.

8.  What exhortation do you want to give who need to be entertainers/on screen characters?

Answer:   Work hard, Stay focused, write down your goals and intentions. And do not change your focus, if you are focused on your goals, you’ll achieve it. Its all about your work hard, you get what you deserve. Co-ordinate with positive people and take advices from them that would be very easy for you to be where you want to be in your life.

9.   Which message do you would give to your fans?

Answer:  Message to my fans is that I really worked hard to become I am right now. It was not so easy to get your attention. I worked hard to take your guys admiration. I am what I am because of my fans. I love you for the fact that you guys love me, you guys give me attention, talk to me and I will always always always love you for the fact that I am what I am because of you.

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