Feroze Khan’s Public Apologies to Fellow Actors for Social Media Disclosure of Private Information

Feroze Khan has publicly apologized to the ten celebrities whose personal information was leaked after he tweeted a snapshot of their home addresses and phone numbers.

Khan stated in a statement, “As an actor, I understand the importance of privacy and respect it above all else. I never intended to disturb anyone’s peace. I truly sorry if any of my coworkers encountered any problem.

Actor Muneeb Butt, his wife Aiman, and her sister Minal were among the celebrities whose personal information was disclosed. But, Butt recently published a selfie of himself and Khan together and stated that they had settled their differences and decided to drop the charges against the “Habs” actor.

His declaration read:

“..It was not FK’s aim to cause us sorrow and mental anguish; it was a mistake. I announce that all accusations will be dropped.”

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