Famous celebrities of Pakistan has raised their voices against Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

Pakistani superstars have censured the move made by the Indian government against the privilege of the Kashmiri individuals to self-assurance.

On Monday, the Indian government lifted the extraordinary territory of Kashmir with a presidential request when a large number of as of late sent fighters showed up and Internet and telephone utilities were hindered in the Himalaya district, where the vast majority contradict the Indian government. Constitution of India, which was repudiated today, gives Kashmir its constitution and its basic leadership rights in all parts with the exception of resistance, correspondences and business. Outside. The article additionally denied Indians outside the state to settle for all time, buy land, acquire employments with the neighborhood government and get grants.

Hindu government pundits driven by Hindu patriots consider this to be as an endeavor to weaken the demography of the Muslim lion’s share in Kashmir with Hindu pilgrims. Amidst tumult, Pakistani big names have gone to interpersonal organizations to censure the activities of New Delhi.

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