Ehd-e-Wafa_ An emotional and Entertaining Review

Today’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was incredible as well as entertaining. By and by, the adventures of the Ehd-e-Wafa boys were shrouded in such a way, that there was something enthusiastic pretty much these tracks. The story is getting all the more entertaining and energizing with each passing scene. The passion of the young boys and their battles were canvassed convincingly in this ongoing scene of Ehd-e-Wafa. Shehryar, Shariq, Saad and Shahzain keep on being my favorite characters. Their scenes today episode had everything – some comedy, emotions and above all these tracks provoked my interest. Holding back to see Shehryar and Shariq exceed expectations in their particular fields. The leadership qualities in Saad were obvious from his scenes this episode and it was plainly indicated that the preparation of the PMA had cleaned him. With the exception of Shahzain, the various young boys are attempting to get some place throughout everyday life. They are more dedicated today than they ever were previously. I completely cherished the way Shehryar and Shariq’s family lives were covered this episode. These scenes were delightfully composed and carried on. The director Saif Hassan has done exceptionally well while covering the scenes at the PMA, these scenes really make you have a feeling that you are viewing the real preparing and drill sessions on screen.

Shahzain and Raani got engaged this episode. This was one more scene which opened with their scenes. While Raani’s dad has ulterior intentions, Shahzain’s grand dad likewise feels that being companions and family members is superior to being competitors. Shahzain’s mom it appears, isn’t happy with this engagement. Zara Noor Abbas sure and strong exhibition which went so well with the character that she is playing must be the best thing about these scenes. She looked incredible and her scenes were very entertaining. Her dialogues were composed well and Zara Noor Abbas completed equity to them also. She should accomplish more comedy since she is so great at it. Raani’s energy and her energetic character make these scenes a treat to watch. Shahzain was solid as
normal and I should state that Osman Khalid Butt isn’t generally into this character right now!

Shariq had a showdown with the incharge of the post mortem and as it turned out, he was the man his sister had just gone into a nikkah with. At the point when his sister disclosed to Shariq that this man was her husband, it came as a total shock to Shariq. Shariq is on a strategic his qualities have unmistakably been set down in these previous scarcely any scenes. This is going to disturb him and I am waiting to see what will happen in next episode. His sister deserves better. Shariq’s vitality and excitement has been deciphered on screen perfect by Wahaj Ali. His character also is magnificently carved out. The scenes with his family today were perhaps the best scene in this scene. I additionally like the on-screen character assuming his mom’s job, extremely sweet. Despite everything I remember the primary scene covering Shariq’s sister’s response, it was amazingly incredible and even now, their communications are constantly enthusiastic and effective.

Saad’s military training was the feature of this scene since it indicated how such an excess of boring and tutoring had transformed him. Saad was intelligent in his group yet he never shown leadership qualities He was appeared as the self observer and shy youngster who didn’t open up except if he was really close to. Saad is really committed now. Ahad Raza Mir has done extraordinarily well in ensuring that each part of Saad’s character wakes up on screen.

Shehryar’s scenes were additionally coordinated and carried on so well. I completely love Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance, his looks are generally so regular and veritable. His general look also is totally in accordance with the character he is playing. Shehryar and Masooma’s communication was sweet also. I end up pulling for Shehryar each and every time. His character is incredibly affable and straightforward yet so engaging.

Overall, this episode was best of Ehd-e-Wafa, with the performances, content and direction on point. I am certainly anticipating the get-together more than everything else. I trust that the show keeps on being fascinating in the forthcoming weeks also.

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