Chicken Achari Wraps

An appetizing dish of Chicken Achari wraps served in western taco style; with tasty kinds of National Achari Gosht Masala, perfect as a light snack or supper.

Chicken Achari Wraps

Ready: 45 mints
Serving: 2-4 People


  • Minced Chicken 1 kg 
  • National Ginger Garlic Paste ½ tbsp 
  • National Achar Gosht Masala 2 tsp 
  • Green Chilies 3
  •  Roasted Grounded Cumin 1 tbsps 
  • Ground Coriander 1 tbsp 
  • National Red Chilies Powder 1 tsp 
  • Red Chilies 3-4 
  • Lemon Juice 1 – 2 tbsp 
  • Curry Leaves 1 large cup 
  • National Salt to taste 
  • Lettuce or Salad Leaves 1/2 kg 
  • Cooking Oil ½ cup 
  • Tortilla Wraps – Cut into half 8 
  • Tomatoes Chopped 4

Procedure To Cook

  1.  Heat up 1/2 cup Cooking Oil in a pan, include 1 tbsp National Ginger Garlic Paste and 1 tsp fenugreek seeds, fry for some time, include 34 green chilies, keep blending and now include 1 kg of minced Chicken and continue mixing it until it turns light darker. 
  2. Mix in 1 tsp National Red Chili Powder, 1 tbsp National Cumin Seed, 1 tbsp National Coriander, crisp green chilies, 4 red pepper, 1 tbsp Lemon juice, National Salt to taste and 10-15 new curry leaves. Continue mixing for another 4-5 minutes. 
  3. Just before turning off the fire, include 1 medium chopped tomato and let it cook for a while. 
  4. Pre heat oven at 200’ C and lightly bake tortilla wraps and set them aside. 
  5. To serve, take individual servings of Chicken Achari mixture into the center of lettuce leaf, put lettuce leaf over tortilla wrap and serve in taco style.
If the Lettuce or serving of mixed greens leaf is uneven, then fill a deep bowl with cold water, and add lettuce leaf to cold water 30 minutes and it will turn out to be fresh.
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