Alia khan is young charming and positive person who believes her self and on her dreams

Alia Khan is a gifted Pakistani singer. She came into the spotlight after releasing her original sound tracks for a TV serial named Pyar ke Sadqy. It was an unforgettable OST, and it got nominated  by the Lux Style awards in 2020. Alia Khan expresses a sense of positivity through her  beautiful voice, and she brings inspiration in the form of a smile.

"pk fashion time", Alia Khan
"pk fashion time", Alia Khan

1. Have you always dreamt of being a singer?

Answer : I wanted to be a doctor before I became a singer.

2. What does music give you?

Answer : Music gives me freedom within myself. It helps me balance myself. It gives me strength. Now I know who I am in my heart and soul.

3. What is the meaning of success for you?

Answer : An unconditional feeling of happiness is my success.

4. Who supported you when you started your career?

Answer : My father and mother have always believed in my talents as a singer. They are the foundation of my career, and they supported me from the beginning.

5. How do you stay motivated in your career as an artist?

Answer : I do what I love, and I love what I do. That’s my key to self motivation.

6. How do you stay positive and focused in your career?

Answer : I understand the importance of my dreams, and I transform them into my reality. I like to share hope and inspirations with my audience. This is my way to stay focused and positive.

7. If you made a movie about your life, what would you name it?

Answer : My movie would be named ” Dreams do come true.”

"pk fashion time", Alia Khan
"pk fashion time", Alia Khan

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