After knowing that the groom is bald and wearing a wig on the wedding day, the bride refuses to marry him.

At this point, we can all agree that Indian weddings are akin to a film plot: drama, suspense, and tragedy are all inherent in the ceremony. This occurred recently when a bride refused to marry her spouse on the wedding day because of his baldness.

Last Wednesday night in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah district, the groom, Ajay Kumar, was forced to return home without the bride.

Regrettably, the bride learned that the groom was concealing his baldness with a wig. Moreover, while the garland exchange ceremony was in progress, the bride noted that groom Ajay Kumar was extra cautious and regularly adjusted his traditional headdress.

Adding to her suspicions, the bride was informed that the groom was indeed bald and was wearing a wig on his head in a dramatic turn of events. The bride fainted and fell on the stage upon hearing this. She declined to marry the man after regaining consciousness.

According to guests, the bride would never marry a bald man. When the groom’s side objected, a fight started, but the elders intervened and halted the situation.

The groom’s side was accused of cheating by the girl’s side. The groom was forced to return home without marrying. No amount of family persuasion could persuade her, and the baraat eventually returned without the bride.

Both parties file grievances against the other.

However, before leaving for the wedding location, the groom’s family contacted a police station and filed a complaint about the incident. The girl’s family reportedly filed a police report accusing the groom and his parents of defrauding them.

According to a police station official, both parties eventually dropped their complaints and resolved the matter independently.

The incident would undoubtedly bring to mind Ayushmann Khurrana’s 2019 film, ‘Bala’– a narrative about a man who suffers from premature baldness and conceals it from his future bride to marry.

As I previously stated, Indian weddings never fail to impress when it comes to luxury and an abundance of drama, humor, and tension. Another enthralling turn of events occurred when the parents of a groom and bride fled together in an attempt to rekindle their long-forgotten love at a long-awaited wedding ceremony in Gujrat.

Another wedding before witnessed another strange turnabout when the bride’s ex-boyfriend crashed the wedding and forcibly placed sindoor on her head.

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