5 Surprising Perfume Facts

At Asghar Ali, we recognize that creating the best perfume requires more than just creating an odiferous fragrance. There is a great deal more to it than meets the eye. Perfumes have become as necessary and natural to our daily lives as clothing. However, the fragrance is a multifaceted and incredibly rich subject, so we’ve decided to reveal some unexpected facts about perfume to help you get the most out of your favorite scents. Before you indulge in the beautiful aroma that Asghar Ali Perfumes offers, we’ve compiled a list of enticing facts about perfumes to help you make the most of your next scented adventure.

1. Leather watch straps retain fragrance significantly longer than metal straps.

One of the industry’s hidden treasures is that leather wristwatch manufacturers retain fragrance for a significantly longer period, providing a longer-lasting effect for your perfume. This is because leather is a porous organic product, in contrast to metal, which is solid. Additionally, the fragrance business has seen an increase in leather-based perfumes, which Asghar Ali produces for its discerning global consumers. As a result, numerous watch/perfume gift sets to place a premium on leather watches and belts, as the impression is stronger with perfume oils.

2. Hydrated skin retains scent for a longer period

It’s always ideal for applying perfume immediately after bathing or showering. Even the finest perfumes would spread much more effectively on moisturized and hydrated skin. Additionally, hydrated skin retains fragrance longer than dry skin, often having a rougher surface, leaving little room for the fragrance to be absorbed. As a result, many women’s perfume sets include a moisturizing body lotion in addition to the perfume.

3. Your chosen fragrance has the potential to and will affect your mood.

External stimuli have been demonstrated to change our moods in scientific research, and this is also true in the realm of scents. A citrus-based perfume would suffice for those in need of an uptick in their step and razor-sharp senses. If you’re feeling down and out of luck, a top oudh fragrance has been said to be an excellent confidence booster.

4. With minimal effort, you can maximize the fragrance of your perfume.

Many people believe that dousing yourself in perfume is the best way to enhance their aroma in their surroundings. However, there is a more effective method. When perfume is applied to the body’s pulse and pressure points, it generates heat, which helps the smell radiate more effectively. Inner wrists, behind the ear, inner elbow, neck, and, for ladies, even the knee-pits are great locations for perfume application. This is why users of premium perfume oils swear by this procedure.

5. Put an end to your wrist rubbing

We’ve seen it on television, the rubbing of the wrists after applying perfume, leading us to feel that if it’s on television, it must be acceptable, right? That, however, is not the case. Perfumes and other fragrance-based items are composed of a blend of several fragrance notes, specifically top, middle, and base notes. The top notes of a scent are normally the most volatile and dissipate rapidly, whereas the base notes persist far longer. By massaging your wrists and generating all that heat friction, you will invariably damage the scent’s chemical structure.


There is much more that goes into creating the best men’s and women’s perfumes, and we always want you to have the upper hand. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, our online store featuring the finest in perfume oils, sprays, dehnal oud, and bukhoor is merely a click away. Go ahead, treat yourself.

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